Just last Monday, Love, Bonito launched its latest pop-up showcase at Somerset313 (just outside Hai Di Lao yums) and I decided to drop by with Cindy!

It was a nice, small area with neat racks and displays of their fresh launches, mainly a lot of CNY-worthy pieces! Fitting rooms are available to try on the pieces so you never have to be caught in a dilemma again as in which apparel would look better, which size would fit you better! Definitely a game changer. I highly recommend those who have never bought their apparels before, especially if its because you are always apprehensive about sizes, to head down and understand more about how LB’s fit and your ideal size! I almost always stick to size S which, I am glad to say, seldom fails me. (That said, you can always return/exchange your bought pieces if they don’t fit well!)

Ipads are provided to make online purchases on the spot. This way, you don’t have to lug your heavy loot around. Super thoughtful, no?

There are already so many upcoming pieces which I have set my eyes upon from the ForeFront teasers, and right now, I’m just waiting patiently for their launches so that I can head down again to try ’em on before making my final decision. ^^

The showcase will be opened until 28th February, promising sufficient time for you to pick up your perfect V-day and CNY outfits. Be there or be square! 😉


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