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At 7:37 this morning, J from Momoteapots texted me to see if I could put up my #OOTD for their newly manufactured culottes romper by tomorrow. I was stumped for a while because I’m working on both days and I had no idea how I’ll be able to shoot for it (it’s a tube).

Then, epiphany struck.

I layered a plain tank top under the romper and defined my waist with a matching belt/sash. It changed the entire look of the jumpsuit and I was very pleased with how it turned out. Chic and work-appropriate! (I wore this to work today and my manager told me I looked cute hehe)

If you have dinner date of some sort in the evening, you can even switch up your outfit by ditching the tank top and accessorizing with a statement necklace!;) This jumpsuit comes with boning and anti-slip at the bust area so there’s no fear of unwanted mishaps! Two thumbs up for that!

To be honest, this is my first culottes piece. As you can see (and even if you can’t), I have been experimenting a lot of different styles and cuts lately. I love that culottes isn’t as dramatic as flare pants, yet not as predictable as a midi skirt. It’s like incorporating the best of both worlds! \(^-^)/

(Tank: Topshop // Culotte Jumpsuit: Momoteapots // Heels: Zara // Bag: Celine)


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