It was love at first sight with this two-piece. I was drawn to the cut-in collar and cropped length. Due to the nature of my work, I could only wear this short number on my days off and I had decided to set it aside for a special occasion.

A special occasion indeed because K and I had an initial plan to have brunch today, an affair long forgotten and much neglected. However, things took a turn when both of us snoozed for too long and by the time we met, we had to head to K’s friend’s housewarming party straight. The day was saved by a Llaollao sanum (bought it while waiting for K to pick me up), and a coffee on the go from Necessary Provisions which was vaguely reminiscent of the ones we enjoyed in Australia.

We played a few card games at the party, even made a few little children friends (K has always been good with kids), before heading back to my place for our Sunday dinner, something I look forward to every week!

Post-dinner, K and I headed to MBS to do a little shopping but ended up empty-handed because all the things that caught out fancy are far too pricey. /: Nonetheless, we had many silly moments together, and I love being in his presence so much! He always cracks me up ^^

And that was my Sunday well-spent, even though brunch plans were foiled and there wasn’t really a special occasion, so to speak. 😦 K promised to bring me to PINCE & PINTS this week though! It had better materialize hehe. Can’t wait!


6 thoughts on “Daydreams

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