Once again, I am in my maniac phase of working out. I have been aiming to alternate my circuit and cardio days, and I’m proud to say that I am still going strong.

My circuit requires me to do 4 sets with a minute break between each one but sadly, I could usually only go through two sets! Well, completing half the plan is better than not doing it at all, no? My muscles would ache satisfyingly the following day so they must have been working hard!

I used to run frequently because based on my meagre pool of knowledge, cardio will keep me lean and toned, rather than being bulky. Lately, I have learnt that doing high intensity circuits are more effective in gaining definition and building strength! Which means, I have been doing it wrong all along?!

Anyway, now that I have incorporated new regimes into my weekly workouts, I look forward to looking and feeling better!

I have also been channeling some efforts into eating right. I didn’t say ‘eating clean’ because I know that realistically, I wouldn’t be able to achieve that. I love me some steak, foie gras, truffle fries, cabonara, chicken rice so staying off those or even limiting myself to only one cheat meal per week is virtually impossible. I don’t dictate my own meals most of that time (for dinners I usually eat with K at his place or meet my parents to dine out) so it’s not easy keeping to eating clean as much as I actually do enjoy it. I don’t eat brown rice or whole meal or oats because they are healthy, I genuinely think they taste so good and much better than their refined counterparts!

I feel blessed that my body is generally very receptive to diets and exercise. I’m neither too oversized nor too skinny so I don’t have to resort to too much change in my lifestyle to achieve a better body. I run regularly and do squats so my legs are quite strong to begin with. My abs surface pretty easily as long as I eat well and work out more intensely. As for my arms which I often neglect, I have been trying to work them lately and hopefully, I will be able to see results soon!

I don’t know why I just typed this whole chunk of talk here. This space is getting quite stagnant so I guess I can update a little on what I had been busy with, namely keeping my health in check (have been laying off alcohol for some time now!) and organizing my life.

I would have to end abruptly here (this sentence happens very frequently throughout my posts, I conclude I’m never good with endings) so, well, till the next time!


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