I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before but I really love wearing jeans. I know I often sport dresses and heels in my outfit photos but I’m really a shorts/jeans and flats kinda girl. Due to the nature of my work, which requires me to be in formal work attire at all times, wearing jeans has ironically become like a luxury for me. I definitely cherish my jeans moments.

Today was such a moment. It was chilly, a little rainy, so I reached out for my jeans on glee. I got these striped ones some four years back but you can always count on them for endless legs!

This halter top is my new obsession too (I also have the same one in navy and I cannot wait to wear it!). It features the perfect length, the perfect drapes, which it just becomes effortlessly effortless (hur hur) when you put it on.

In other news, I am currently watching the SEA games and drinking beer with my folks. Life is good at the moment. (^_^)v


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