A while ago, I was told to have more interactive posts (not in reprimanding manner lol), so I thought – why not?

And hence, I started on this series of three-part series, in which I demonstrate how to pair certain items in three different ways. I have been taking outfit shots for a while now and sometimes things get mundane. For this reason, I seldom take photos of my old clothes because honestly, taking OOTDs can be very disruptive to an agenda! Upon brainstorming, I decided to come up with this initiative.

Hopefully, this would encourage me to put more thought and invest some mind power into exploring the technical aspects of fashion, spicing things up a little! Anyone can wear a certain piece in an impeccable way. They might be able to do it once, even twice, but is it possible to hit the jackpot and score style points thrice?

We’ll see.

For this part, I had chosen this flare pants from Love, Bonito. Flare pants are a hit in the 70’s, but fashion is always recycling so it’s about time that this fashion statement makes a comeback. Here, I like that the exaggerated cut is balanced out by the subtle nude tone, making it very wearable. I have a pet peeve towards tight nude pants (it looks like you aren’t wearing anything!!) so this is great. I reckon I’m getting old because I am beginning to like brown shades (which I used to hate). Anyway, flares are generally very flattering because they hide everything!

I chose to pair this with an equally flare top in navy blue. It exposes my shoulders, a plus point since everywhere else is covered. Wearing long sparkly earrings will also help to draw attention to your bare décolletage. Double the flirt factor!

Because everything has been pretty classic and neutral so far, I went for a pop of colour with my bright pink clutch and did my lips in a matching shade. Of course, always go for heels to elongate those legs when in pants.

And there, an update on the seemingly dated wide-legged pants, creating a modern silhouette that can bring you from work to date. Let me know your thoughts on this 😉

Over the next two weeks, I will be trying out two more looks with this same flare pants. Stay tuned!

Instagram: @NHYphen


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