IMG_1267.JPG While I wasn’t able to capture more shots of this second look I came up with, I hope this particular image would suffice in conveying what I was trying to encapsulate and how it differs from the previous styling (x). I decided to go all out with the nude shades, from the tank to the heels, including my makeup. I have never quite dressed up fully in nude shades before because it always felt right to add in an accent colour for that extra oomph. So, I surprised myself when I saw the final look. To me, this outfit depicts a lady who is feisty and confident, who needs no extra sass because she exudes her own quiet kind of grace and poise. To enhance this minimalistic effect, I decided to go without accessories of any sort, and to slick back my hair so as to portray a much cleaner look. I have a last look to go and to be honest, I am still clueless as to what I would do. These flare pants are so versatile, I might try to do a more casual look with it. Till then!


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