What does being timeless mean to you?

To me, being timeless is the epitome of beauty. It means being able to withstand the test of time and to age gracefully and elegantly. Being timeless is the true essence of a modern and sophisticated woman.

It is no wonder when tasked with the challenge of picking out a timeless outfit for me, K appeared to be slightly stunned and even fell into silence for a moment. After all, it does not sound like an easy feat at all.

To help K in his challenge, a short workshop with Style Makers’ Image Consultant, Kayla Tan, was arranged so that K could better choose an outfit for me. All along, I had no idea of what went behind the scenes, neither did I have any inkling of what ensemble K had planned. He was very secretive about it! To be honest, I have a hundred percent confidence in K and his taste because he has had some experience in styling before and he probably was immensely familiar with my style.

Of course, being timeless is more than just a charming outfit.

It would be downright wrong to define a person just by what she wears. I would think of timeless as more of a multi-sensory experience. The person would look good, smell great and carry him or herself with poise, confidence and sufficient wit to hold an engaging conversation.

It was a sweet gesture that the outfit was washed before it was presented to me. It came in a huge white package which I unboxed with glee. I held the apparels up in my hands to admire them and appreciate the great effort K had put in to pick them for me.

Then, the fragrance hit me.

It was mildly sweet, with a hint of candied apple? Like… a perfume, but fresher and less cloying. If white had a scent, it would smell like this. It was lovely!

Now, I’m not (yet) a homebody, and I seldom do the laundry, but I know that smelling good and wearing clothes that smell good and clean should be a no-brainer when it comes to presenting yourself well. I wouldn’t mind smelling like this everyday!

Along with the parcel was a bottle of the scented softener which was used on the outfit – The Downy Parfum Collection in its fifth and newest fragrance, Timeless. I opened the cap, took a deep breath and widened my eyes at K. Wow, that was a little too overpowering.

So, over the next few days, I decided to put it to test and used it on all the laundry in the house. It was simple – all I had to do was to add the softener to the load during the rinse cycle.

The end product?
Instead of the blast of sweet scent that overwhelmed my olfactory the first time I opened the bottle, my clothes was bathed in a light, subtle scent.

The step after is definitely my favorite part of the household chore! It was such a satisfying experience when the laundry is hung out to dry and the signature timeless fragrance wafts to fill the house.

Every piece I wore, including the clothes I wear to bed, smelled so fresh and good. I was also impressed by how long-lasting the scent was that it greets me as I wake the next morning. Each time I catch a whiff of the timeless fragrance, I would take a second breath and I would smile. Good scents always lift my spirits.

I finally wore the outfit, which K had selected and styled with me in mind, out over the weekend! I ought to give K his much deserved credits for it because I love the pairing so much!

He had picked out a high collar crop with structured origami folds in crisp, clean white, and a tight navy maxi (because our favorite colour is blue). I think he did a really good job in encapsulating the essence of timeless in the outfit.

To complete our date, we took a long stroll down the quayside.

It was a warm evening and the golden rays filtered through the rows of trees by the pavement. It flooded the yachts, and dispersed into a sparkling mass of shattered diamonds when it touched the waters. It was a breathtaking sight to behold indeed.

Even when night fell, I could still catch a faint hint of Downy on my clothes and I could tell that K could too.

I never used to concern myself with how my clothes smell but I’m definitely a convert! I’ll be posting more unpublished photos on my Instagram over the next few days so stay tuned!

While you’re at it, do visit www.clozette.co/campaign/page/downy-timeless-sg to check out the other Downy couples and their stories too!

P.S. Special thanks to Clozette and Downy for this opportunity and for making this happen!


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