My Bedtime Routine

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I love sleeping and I always make it a point to clock at least eight hours of sleep every night, no matter how busy I am. I could never bring myself to give up sleep because to me, this is the period of time when I can quietly recount the day to myself, give thanks, close my eyes and hope for a better tomorrow. I consider bedtime a very personal moment; like a me-time which no one can steal.

There are many things I like to do before I tuck in. In fact, I have a pretty strict bedtime routine that I look forward to indulging nightly.

1) Oil up top-to-toe

People always find it puzzling how I can be so compliant to my body-care regime. On the other hand, I find it puzzling why some people dislike the process! I absolutely love applying lotions or dry oils to my skin after a shower to lock all that moisture in. My go-to’s are Vaseline lotion (the ones with SPF) for the day and L’occitane’s Supple Skin Oil for the night (this one smells so divine!!).

Always, always put on your body moisturizers within six minutes of leaving the shower to prevent excessive moisture loss from your skin! For me, it was never a chore because I love the whole rubbing-in process, knowing I am doing something good for myself. It takes less than a minute to spread the moisturizer from neck down (entire body) and it’s definitely time worth investing in (high ROIs for sure!!). Plus it sure gives me great pleasure to see my legs glisten as I lay in bed after, and to feel how soft my skin is! Brownie points if I smell delectable. 😉

2) Put on a sleeping mask

I usually have an assortment of masks to choose from at any point of time (because I like to stock up on skincare during sales) and I try to use at least one every day. On days when I have more time, I even use up to three masks!

Overkill? Well, maybe, maybe not. The trick is to mix and match masks of different functions. For instance, I would start off with a scrub mask or a peeling mask in the shower. Then, I would put on a mask of a more specific property according to the state of my skin that day – a whitening sheet if I feel like my skin is becoming dull or a clay mask if I’m having a breakout. (I am using Mario Badescu’s whitening mask as I am typing this) Lastly, before bed, I would use a sleeping mask to deeply hydrate my skin as I rest. If I got home late, I would skip all else but the sleeping mask is a must.

3) Sleep with silk

It might sound hopelessly extravagant but as a sleep-obsessed, I am naturally always finding ways to enhance my sleep.  A silk pillowcase is the latest addition to my bedtime ritual.

I must say that my bedtime ritual has truly been taken to the next level with this overnight therapy with my silk pillowcase. I’m sold!

FullSizeRenderSleeping on a silk pillowcase offers benefits beyond the sheer glamour. Silk pillowcases are considered a beauty product because compared to other bedding fabrics such as cotton, it is said to reduce hair damage and minimizes wrinkles. (Read this, thisthis, this, and feel free to google more) Sounds dubious? I know, I thought so too, but I would jump at every opportunity I can to treat myself better. (You should realize by now how big a believer I am in self-pampering lol.) To explain more fully, the smooth texture of silk  would mean that there is reduced friction between pillowcase and your hair/skin. Friction can roughen hair cuticles, resulting in hair breakage, frizzes and split ends. It can also pull against your skin when you toss and turn in bed, leading to sleep creases and potentially wrinkles in the long run. While I cannot vouch for the latter since I don’t get sleep creases often, I must admit my hair looks significantly healthier after using the silk pillowcase for a month. Additionally, silk is a 100% natural material that is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and extremely friendly to even the most sensitive of skin (including infants). No wonder I have been experiencing less rash outbreak on my face lately too!

So, there you have it- my bedtime routine. I find bedtime and sleep terribly underrated in today’s society. It is important to note that rest is a crucial part of life, and it’s not only correlated to mental health but to physical health as well. I hope I have managed to inspire a handful to place more emphasis on bedtime and sleep, to take charge of their lives, and to take better care of their bodies.

Good night, and SEE YOU TOMORROW!



P.S. I will be hosting a giveaway for silk pillowcases before Christmas on SEE YOU TOMORROW’s instagram so be sure to watch that space! 🙂



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