I have always been quite a nail junkie. Whenever asked to name an unusual fact about myself, I would point out that my nails NEVER go unpainted.

It started from my JC days. Because nail painting has always provided such therapeutic pleasure to me, I love to indulge in this activity the night before major papers. Once, I went all out and embellished my nails with rhinestones and nail art. I did particularly well that semester.

Since then, I made it a point to always do my nails before examinations (lol), including my A levels. That habit stuck and I never went a day without perfectly polished nails after I graduated, through university and till today.

Manicures are a huge part of my life. I hate the feeling of bare nails and I have a relish for shiny surfaces (which is why I am anti-matte nails). At the end of a tiring day, if I feel really lousy and unaccomplished, staring at my perfectly primmed nails really perks me up! I find manicured nails also a reflection of how well one takes care of themselves. Despite hectic schedules, I will definitely find some time to set aside for to pamper myself.

For the past six months, I have been treated to monthly manicure sessions with Jean Yip.

I do think I am pretty good at painting my nails and keeping within the lines (credits to numerous coloring books when I was a toddler), so when it comes to nail salons, I decided to put the manicurists to test!

For the first month, I requested for design with beachy vibes because I was flying to Bali the following week. I requested for the bottom to be clear so that when the nails grow out, it would not look too unkempt.

It was the first in a long time that I had nail art again so that took some getting used to.

I decided to opt for something darker for the second month. I did not have any ideas in mind that day so it was pretty much free play for the manicurist. She suggested a multi-coloured foil effect over a black base and silver trimmings on the accent nail. I love how badass it looked!

For the third month, I was feeling pretty adventurous and wanted something more elaborated. I browsed through pages and pages of Pinterest and saw this beautiful set of turquoise nails. Move over, marbled nails. This one is girlier yet retains the edgy vibe. I remember my manicurist thinking long and hard over this design. She commented that she had not tried doing this before but after much deliberation, she gamely took on the challenge. I also remember how she would paint on the design, only to wipe it off because she wasn’t satisfied with the look. You can never go wrong when working with a perfectionist! This is my favorite set of nails by far.

Then came the fourth month. Initially, I had wanted to give the manicurist a break after the last challenge (which she passed with such flying colours!!), so I asked for a simpler set of nails. I chose the colours myself and quite evidently ended up being indecisive surrounded by the large variety of shades available. Still, the manicurist suggested to put some studs to complete the look, to which I agreed.

Love the hand-drawn tribal print on the accent nail!

For my fifth month, I was newly engaged (hurray!!!!)! I was pretty much in bride mode over the next few weeks so I asked for a set of nude nails with some bling (no rhinestones because they are a bitch to remove). I love some subtle this set is and it perfectly accentuated my newly engaged mood hehe.

Spot my sapphire ring! 😀

For my sixth and last month, I had a prewedding shoot scheduled in a cafe days after the manicure, so I wanted some simple but striking nails that can go with the ambience of the cafe. The base chosen was a nice rich berry shade with a fun twist of negative space in the form of a triangle at the bottom. Prior to the red, a layer of glitter polish was used so the triangle sparkles prettily under light. I love little details like this!

It has been such a joy working with Jean Yip and exploring various nail styles. Their manicurist are ever so meticulous and never fail to show passion in whatever they do. More often than not, the one doing my nails will be tasked with shop-closing duties as I usually arrive pretty late after work (ends at 7pm) and she would have to stay beyond the operating hours. 😦 I never once heard them complain or reject me, and they always seem to be all smiles and takes great care in painting my nails!

I once asked one of them whether she preferred doing simple or exaggerated designs. She laughed and replied,

“I like them all as long as they are pretty.”

I find this attitude so inspiring and encompasses the pride that she takes in all her work. (‘:

If you haven’t had manicures with Jean Yip before, you should! I have had my fair share of disappointing experiences with some nail salons and Jean Yip really won me over with their friendly and candid service. It is going to be the Chinese New Year period and I am sure they will be swarmed with appointments so do book early!

Plaza Singapura (Hub)

6332 9913




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