Who am I?


I am a community pharmacist.

On a daily basis, I interact with patients, who are down with minor ailments, looking to find some relief. Being the healthcare professional most accessible to the public, my role allows me to nip most of their conditions in the bud. Good communication skills and an attention to detail is key in my role. I am trained to listen carefully and observe for any potential red flags in the patient’s health. The medical world is a fast-paced one. My job requires me to stay up-to-date with the latest findings and developments so that I can provide the best care to my patient.


I am a fashion enthusiast.

In this current world dominated by fast fashion, I happen to be one of those with an ever-exploding wardrobe. Every morning, I wake up like any other fickle-minded girl and rummage through my cupboard only to find that I have nothing to wear. I love experimenting with various styles to reflect my mood for that day. My current obsession is definitely sneakers! Coco Chanel once said, “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway.” I cannot concur more.


I am a wife.

K and I finally tied the knot in May after five years of dating, and I have since moved in to stay with him. My latest role requires me to adjust to a new lifestyle and new timetable. Being a wife, I learnt the virtues of being tolerant and supportive to my partner. Being a wife, I now consider all matters from the perspective of both of us, and not just me alone. Around K, I am myself in the plainest form and life feels incredibly simple. I have learnt that love can be so big and endless. This is by far my favorite and proudest role.

I am a woman.

I am a woman, and I play many roles in my life. Transitioning through the different stages for the past twenty-six years, these evolving roles allow me to look into the deeper part of me and to discover how diverse I could be.  I am a woman, and I’m proud to be one.


This fall, I am honored to be part of H&M’s #Ladylike campaign movement to celebrate the diversity of women. I was invited to the styled shoot for the campaign and also styled one of the mannequins using pieces from the collection to showcase the versatility of the collection!


For my mannequin look, I had chosen a breezy navy top, to be tucked into a pair of shorts of the same shade, mimicking the look of a romper. I topped the look off with a navy and mustard scarf used as a hair accessory. I can definitely see myself wearing this outfit with a pair of white sneakers for a Sunday picnic with my husband!

I love how H&M’s Fall collection features everything from preppy dungarees to classic knit midis, so you would definitely be able to find a piece of clothing to your liking, regardless of your character, personality, or mood. It is so easy to transform the same piece from one look to another. H&M aims to redefine femininity through this versatile collection. There are no rules in fashion, just like how there are no rules in being a woman.

Join me in the movement and stand up for the diversity of women and stand a chance to win a $200 H&M gift card. Hop over to my Instagram for more information on this!

Accept and embrace who you are.

H&M’s Fall Collection available in stores now.

You can also see more looks from my fellow H&M Digital Ambassadors on Clozette.

x HY


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