Beauty Keeper Review 

A huge box of Beauty Keeper products was sent to me some time back, and as with all skincare products, I took my time to use them repeatedly for a few weeks before settling for a verdict. In this post, I will be focusing on the products that I enjoyed most out of the lot!

Hanaka Macaron Facial Masks


The first product to grab my attention was naturally the macaron masks. The brightly coloured  macarons look super life-like and I swear for a moment, I thought I was sent a complimentary box of edible macarons too lol.

There are two sets available, and the one I received was the brightening set.

I have since tried all the masks, and expectedly, some performed better than others on me. My favorite is certainly the pink one (red wine)! The texture is somewhat like a jelly and it melts onto the skin readily. It smells really sweet too!

My second favorite goes to the purple one (volcanic mud). I don’t typically do mud masks because my skin isn’t oily to begin. I do find myself reaching for this a lot though because of its divine mineral smell (it smells expensive hah) and its soufflé texture! My general perception of mud masks is that they are thick and paste-like, making it hard to spread. This one, to my surprise, is light and fluffy, a little like whipped butter! It spreads like a dream.

The remaining three – orange (arbutin), yellow (vitamin C – this one smells like lemons), and blue (hyaluronic acid) – have similar textures. They are clear which is great if you don’t want to give your significant other a scare in broad daylight lol.

Each capsule lasts me 2-3 uses, but I do try to use them up within a week so it does not gets exposed to air for too long. I do wish the cases came with lids!

PSK Colour Correction CC Cream

Besides the masks, I have been giving the CC cream a shot too. My skin does not take very well to most tinted creams so I tend to skip BB/CC creams and foundations, relying only on concealers.

It looks chalky, but blends prettily easily to leave the skin brighter.

There’s a puff that comes with it but I prefer to use my fingers instead. My only gripe is lack of hygiene in packaging.

I have worn this a few days in a row, and I’m happy to say that it did not break me out. This makes it a great alternative to BB/CC creams for me!

CRISSTAR Oxygen and Hydrationist Skin Repair Mask

The packaging is a winner in my books. It’s so pink and girly, which sits prettily on any vanity table!

I must admit I was confused by all the things that came with it. After looking around online for a bit, I finally got how to use it!

After removing makeup and cleansing your face, use the spray to prep your skin.

Now comes the fun part –

I use the bottle’s cap as a holder. Put the black tablet into the cap (it fits perfectly by the way) and pour some solution into the cap. The tablet will soak it all up and start ‘growing’. I continue to pour/drip in solution till it is saturated with the goodness.

The tablet opens up into a charcoal mask! I pop this mask onto my face and adds more solution directly from the bottle to my face, especially on the cheek area. The mask is very absorbent so it doesn’t drip. Because of the absorbency, it is important that the mask stays wet at all times.

I thought that was pretty interesting, not to mention fun!

All Beauty Keeper products can be purchased directly via their website here.Unfortunately, most of the products seemed to be sold out at the moment. Nonetheless, feel free to surf around to check out the other interesting products they have to offer!


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