My Bedtime Routine

I love sleeping and I always make it a point to clock at least eight hours of sleep every night, no matter how busy I am. I could never bring myself to give up sleep because to me, this is the period of time when I can quietly recount the day to myself, give thanks, […]

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   このドレスのプリントはずっと海の波浪みたいです!私は日本が大好きだから、このドレスが着た時とてもし幸せでした!(^_−)−☆ 写真を撮って時にすっごく可愛い猫が一匹見ました!最高!!♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

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Romantic Rebel 

         I’m a fan of juxtaposes if you haven’t realized. I like to introduce a surprise element into my outfit to keep it interesting and less predictable. Think braids to a full suit, large necklaces to small prints and in this case — leather to lace. 

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